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Many mention the earliest recorded evidence of the necktie in Rome,a very distant resemblance to today’s necktie,where men wore a neckcloth for protection from the cold.

The first real prototype of the modern necktie is to be found in eighteenth-century America.It was called the “bandanna” and was a large patterned cloth wrapped several times around the neck and tied with a bow.In early nineteenth-century England an entirely new mode was introduced by George Brian Brummell (or Beau Brummell )who was a legendary style-setter and pronounced that a gentleman’s clothing should never be over-elaborate.He created a look with a dazzlingly white cravat.

The modern necktie is usually regarded as formal wear,but that does not mean it cannot be fashionable.Television presenters and other men in the public eye often set the scene for what is regarded as fashionable in necktie wear.Politicians,however,tend to be more conservative in their choices to show their seriousness.