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I believe men should look good at any time.Regardless if he is in a meeting for business,date,office or simply traveling..We always want to look good not to convey negative messages or undesirable impression about us!

There is always a good or wrong way of dressing up a suit for example,or picking the right shirt that really fits,pants,shoes ect…

Well this is why i am here! To help and guide you!

The first thing to do is pick up a nice color of a shirt that suits your skin tone and then  try it to see if it fits you perfectly! When i say perfectly it means :

  • The sleeves should not be too short but pay attention to the cuff or button and make sure it covers your wrist and reaches just the root of the thumb.
  • The shirt collar should not be covered by the jacket at the back of the neck.If it does that means that the shirt collar is too narrow.
  • Always try on a jacket and check if the shirt and jacket have sleeves of the correct lengths,at least a half inch (1cm) of the shirt cuff,will show.It will make your arms look longer and nicer.




What About the necktie?How should you wear it?

This is the wrong way 😦



The knot of the necktie in the picture above does not fill out the two sides of the collar up to the topmost corner.



Look at this right way!!! the knot of the necktie must sit exactly in the triangle between the two sides of the collar and stay there!!!!

Many men have a bad habit of not only leaving the first button open ,but of not even pulling the necktie tight.

Recommendations : If u don’t like neckties, don’t wear them!!! instead leave your collar simply open!

Liked that??? did u know these things? Do u wear it like that??