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Many think that you don’t really have to care about choosing nice outfits for babies, and kids!! I say that it is very important  for a baby or a kid to look good!!!

U don’t have to spend a lot of money on their clothes since kids want comfortable clothes that makes them feel good and reflect their personalities! I say it’s all about education and habit! It’s about how to teach your babies from early age how to dress for each occasion or place. Believe me it’s not too hard!

Don’t exaggerate and dress them things that it’s inappropriate for their age. like this photo below!


Let them live their innocence,let them enjoy their time playing and exploring! Please stay away from polyester and heavy or thick materials!! Choose 100% cotton fabric that makes them feel light and comfortable!


Light colors,very simple chic and for kids! For toddlers and older kids give them the choice to choose the color they like. If you don’t feel it doesn’t fit their skin tone then try to let them choose from the color u think it suits them!

What do you think of this lovely wool hat?



Very funny and age appropriate! i love it !