Every day we wake up in a different mood! That really affects the way we dress and the way our day starts and ends!

Don’t worry we all go through this bad mood sometimes.Well you can make it easy and always pump your mood with positive energy! Listen to music that you love and makes your spirit high ,help yourself by organizing your wardrobe in an easy way to mix and match your clothes, especially when your having a bad mood day!

Here are some ideas for comfortable and casual wear,to make it easier for you to mix and match your clothes and look wonderful even in your bad mood!


Remember that less is more,put on your nude ballerinas and accessorize your top with a wonderful necklace!


If you like more high fashion and rocky style that u should definitely try the leopard leggings and put on the leather jacket! Simple and sophisticated!


If you like more classical and casual look,then try the striped jacket with red denim or any other color!! It’s sooo comfortable but very chic !