1st tip : Always think of the destination and what’s the scope of this trip! It is a vacation?Business? Is it somewhere tropical?Beach and islands? What are the activities your going to do there? After answering all these questions it will be much easier for u to pick your clothes!

2nd tip: choose light shoes and belts that goes with everything! choose a neutral color like black or nude color cause u don’t wanna end up packing all your shoes! 
Again it depends on your destination always choose a flat shoes that is comfortable and one high heels! 😉

3rd:Build a mix and match wardrobe! Pick 1 jeans and one pants that are dark colored cause u don’t wanna spend the trip washing your clothes and take light tops that match! Again i remind you that it depends on the timing,length and place of your trip! But here I”m talking about a 4-5 days trip!